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Whitelisting in Lotus, any thoughts to my method?
~John Asaaings 01/27/2004 05:31 PM
Domino Server 6.5 All Platforms

I have been using the smtp whitelist technique of listing all whitlisted ip's in the '' zone on our local dns server.

From what I understand, Domino doesn't process dnsbl on what it considers local domain ip's. And it figures that a local ip is one that it can find in with the same domain as the current server. I have been placing ptr records of remote ip's in .in-addr. zone with our domain name. This has been working successfully for me for some time. It of course changes the logs to the host name you specify, but you get the idea.

I first tested this method by adding my cable modem ip to our local dnsbl, and making sure it got rejected. Then I added it with a local domain name ptr record to our local zone. After the change picked up I was allowed to send again, with my ip still listed in the local dnsbl.

I was wondering if anyone else had any success or problems with this method of whitelisting in Domino. Since whitelisting seems to be such a big unsolved topic here in the forums.

If at all, I hope this helps someone, who doesn't want to use an intermidiate open relay server to whitelist.

-Joe Rose

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